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Company Profile:

 Dalba Dermocosmetica S.A. de C.V. is a manufacturer and distributor of cosmetic products with over 25 years’ experience in the Mexican market, as a leading company in the sector, offering a new and revolutionary concept for overall beauty with its brand:


Natural facial and body treatments whit high quality products that really work.

Maya Ixu cosmetic products are formulated with active ingredients from Mexican plants and fruits grown from biological farming, respecting the community and the environment.


In pre-Hispanic Maya culture was believed the nature is not something that is dead, for them the nature is a living being, it is governed by intelligent and sacred principles, every plant, every animal, every mineral, has its own element, and this in turn is governed by Superior Beings.

IXU Maya, goddess of the Moon, which represents the eternal principle of male and female, Mother Goddess, associated with the moon, femininity, Love, beauty, wisdom, and nature.


brings back the traditional knowledge of ancient Maya herbalism to fuse this with the most advanced natural cosmetic techniques, developing its line of products using the properties of Mexican plants and fruts as its principal active ingredients.


was born out of a desire to make Skin Care treatments accessible for every budget. We strive to position the brand as the best on offer, not only for the end customer but also for our distributors, maintaining high levels of quality.
Our competitive prices give us certain advantage, but we know this is not enough.



knows about healthy living, looking after ourselves both inside and out.


are quality treatments.